Improving Self-Esteem & Confidence

Helping you relate to yourself in more positive ways

If you are struggling with your inner critic all the time, I understand how exhausting that can be.

You find yourself:

  • Continually getting 'stuck' in the same patterns of behaviour that feel 'safe' but don't ultimately serve you well
  • Spending excessive amounts of time procrastinating, over-planning & preparing, keeping very busy, avoiding things & suppressing how you really feel
  • Worrying a lot about making 'mistakes' and failing
  • Holding yourself to unrealistic standards and criticizing yourself harshly
  • Keeping yourself in check so that you don't step out of line

Perhaps you feel like you don't 'deserve' to come for therapy and feel like a 'fraud' as other people have worse problems, right? The truth is, many people feel like you do and engaging with therapy can help you talk freely without fear of judgment, make sense of your experience and relate to yourself more positively.

Here are some specific challenges we can work with

As someone challenged with self-criticism you may be feeling:

  • Imprisoned & bullied by your 'internal critic'
  • Confused & frustrated about 'why you do this to yourself every time' and 'why it's happening again'
  • Overwhelmed by the intensity of your emotions
  • Like you're not good enough, everyone is judging you & you're coming up lacking

Even if you are feeling overwhelmed with feelings like these, therapy can help.


As a compassionate therapist, I can help you build your self-esteem

I'm Beverley and I am a Psychotherapist who specializes in helping people improve the way they relate to themselves.

I can help you explore ways of releasing yourself from old habits and find ways to end the constant battle with yourself. Together we will explore practices that you can use day-to-day to help you accept yourself as you are, still move forward, but without judging yourself all the time.

I have helped hundreds of people just like you befriend themselves and enjoy seeing people begin to relate to themselves in healthier, more positive ways.

Therapy can help improve the way you relate to yourself

This evidenced-based approach can help you:

  • Consistently act in your best interests and prioritize your own well being without feeling guilty
  • Be the best possible friend to yourself
  • Overcome procrastination & be more effective at work & at home
  • Better understand & connect with your emotions without feeling overwhelmed by them
  • Talk to yourself in a more supportive, encouraging way
  • Extend the kindness & care you show to others to yourself

It’s not easy managing a harsh 'internal critic' but the good news is that it's possible to feel better. I have the skills and experience to help you if you are committed to working through your difficulties.

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Feedback from previous clients who were self-critical:

"A way out of imprisoning thoughts"


"Therapy made me feel that my thought processes weren't abnormal there was a way out of these continuous imprisoning thoughts - thank you!"

"Massively helpful"


"It’s been massively helpful, and often a surprisingly enjoyable experience as I have learned to think better of myself. Beverley is a lovely person who has always made me feel like I matter and like she is doing all she can to help me. I’m very glad I sought this treatment at last’"

"Better version of my old self"


" I have a greater understanding of how my perfectionism & procrastination add unnecessarily to my stress levels and can recognise when this is happening.  After 12 sessions I feel much more like my old self. With this insight I’d like to think I can become a better version of my old self living with far less stress and anxiety and focusing more on the here and now. Beverley has been great, and I am really pleased with how many of my ‘issues’ we have tackled in the last 12 weeks".

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