Overcoming social and performance anxiety

Helping people with social anxiety achieve their potential

If you are struggling with social anxiety, I understand how difficult that can be.

Perhaps you:

  • Feel self-conscious at the thought of talking to people. Maybe not with everyone: it could be more with peers, 'authority' figures, groups & sometimes anxiety can just take you by surprise
  • Rehearse what you'll say to others & worry what they'll think of you
  • Your mind always seems to jump to the worse case scenario
  • When you're with people, you feel like everyone can see how anxious you feel & they are judging you harshly.
  • However hard you try, you think they are going to see you as boring, weird, rude or awkward.


  • You analyse all the things you should have said or done differently & your mistakes haunt you;
  • You pull out of plans at the last minute as you can't face going through another agonizing social event;
  • You feel embarrassed that you get so anxious in circumstances everyone else seems to manage.


Lots of people feel like you & try to hide it too. By committing to working on these issues, you can overcome your social anxiety and learn to enjoy socializing. You will be more relaxed and able to achieve your goals.

Some specific challenges I can help you with:

As someone challenged with social anxiety you may be feeling:


  • Self-conscious, like you don't know what to do with your body
  • Worried that you'll say or do the wrong thing
  • Feel betrayed by your body because of the blushes and shaking
  • Tongue-tied and awkward when you stumble over your words. Unsure about how much eye contact to make.
  • Anxious about when to speak & how to join in so you end up staying quiet


Even if you are feeling overwhelmed with feelings like these, therapy can help.

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I can help you achieve your goals:

I'm Beverley and I am a CBT & EMDR Therapist who specializes in helping people with social and performance anxiety

I can help you learn to shift your focus away from your anxieties about how you come across. We will practice using strategies to help you manage in social situations and gain confidence until you actually look forward to social/performance situations you used to avoid & find challenging.

We also have the option of treating the underlying (often shame-based) memories that keep you stuck using EMDR therapy.

I have helped hundreds of people just like you overcome social and performance anxiety and enjoy seeing people grow in confidence, reaching their goals once this frustrating difficulty is more manageable.

Therapy for social anxiety can improve your life:

Psychotherapy for Social Anxiety can help you find your way towards a better life. Even if you’re feeling anxious and frustrated now, I can help guide you in making lasting, positive changes.

  • Discover how to socialise with ease
  • Optimise your performance at work
  • Achieve your goals in your personal and work life
  • Stop beating yourself up and comparing yourself negatively to other people
  • Learn how to appear confident, even when you don't feel it inside
  • Put shame-based memories in the past where they belong
  • Socialise without worrying about it before & giving yourself a hard time afterwards.

It’s not easy managing your tough situation but the good news is that it's possible to feel better. I have the skills, knowledge and experience to help you if you are committed to making changes.


Feedback from previous clients who were experiencing social anxiety:


"Good quality therapy"

 "Provided me with tools to continually combat anxiety & it's symptoms and manage my safety behaviours on my own. Professional & trustworthy. Good quality therapy"


"a new lease of life"

"My struggles with social anxiety have hampered many aspects of my life including my work, relationships and friendships and it all came to ahead earlier this year. Beverley takes you on a journey of reflection and contemplation, identifying root causes and triggers as well as providing you with tools for future situations. 

She is non-judgmental, approachable and her experience in dealing with issues around anxiety are vast. The EMDR sessions were extremely powerful and have given me a new lease of life...".

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"Massively helpful"

"It’s been massively helpful, and often a surprisingly enjoyable experience as I have learned to think better of myself. Beverley is a lovely person who has always made me feel like I matter and like she is doing all she can to help me. I’m very glad I sought this treatment at last’"

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