Client Testimonals:


"Professional & trustworthy"...

"Professional & trustworthy. Good quality therapy. Provided me with the tools to continually combat anxiety & it's symptoms / safety behaviours on my own"

"Very easy to talk to"

"It was a very warm and welcoming environment and Beverley was very easy to talk to, which helped me open up & trust her. I believe this lead to a positive overall experience and I shall be using her again if I need to. There were many good techniques & exercises that we did to help me understand more about my symptoms and why they were occurring".



"Overcome my fears"

 "Changed how I feel about driving. Helped me overcome my fears & anxieties. It has really helped me to think about why I was behaving the way I was and how I can positively change that"

"True self again"

"I was apprehensive at first but cannot believe how it has made me feel. I was worried that I had lost what made me ‘me’, but after 8 weeks I feel I have found my true self again. Beverley has been brilliant and really tailored things depending on how things were going".


"Friendly, warm environment"

"The therapy has helped me hugely. Its helped me deal with my thoughts, behaviours, mood and confidence by introducing various techniques to help them become more positive. I have recommended this service to others because a very professional, yet friendly/ warm environment has helped me deal with why I came 100%".


"Massively helpful"

"It’s been massively helpful, and often a surprisingly enjoyable experience as I have learned to think better of myself. Beverley is a lovely person who has always made me feel like I matter and like she is doing all she can to help me. I’m very glad I sought this treatment at last’"


"A safe place to learn"

‘The [mindfulness] course was not what I expected but in a good way! It’s taught me how to be more ‘in the moment’, to take a step back, be more aware of how my thoughts tend to command my actions. I notice flowers, smells, how lucky I am to experience the small things in life. Beverley and Rachel were wonderful, kind teachers, no pressure, just a safe place to learn for two hours. I think that it will certainly benefit me in my work as well as in my personal life for sure. Thank you both’.

A participant who attended an 8-week mindfulness course taught by myself and colleague Rachel Phillips


"Feel alive instead of just surviving"

"Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to come and learn and experience mindfulness, the journey I have been on in the last 8 weeks has transformed my mind, thank you so much for helping me along my journey. The way you explained your experiences and the teachings has really resonated with me and I will carry these with me in my daily practice and my life. I have really looked forward to coming each week and learning more, you are two of the gentlest and most patient teachers I have come across. In the past I have suffered badly from panic attacks and anxiety and now I feel I am in control of my body, my thoughts, my emotions and feel alive instead of just surviving".

A participant who attended an 8-week mindfulness course taught by myself and colleague Rachel Phillips


"Much more able to cope"...

"I was very impressed how quickly my practitioner picked up on my condition/ difficulties where others I had seen over the years had missed it. Each week we looked at lots of different ways to problem solve, look at the bigger picture and find ways to manage, that will continue to be useful to me from now on. I have moved from feeling overwhelmed with stress and anxiety to feeling much more able to cope, reduce and be mindful of what is happening. I am extremely grateful".


"Caring & considerate"

"Beverley was caring & considerate, as well as having the experience & skills to get me from a very dark place back into a good one. I had an extremely good experience & feel like I have a ‘survival toolkit’ to fall back on & utilize to continue to move forward".


"Far less stress & anxiety"

"I now have a practical toolkit to be able to manage my stress & anxiety. I have a greater understanding of how my perfectionism and procrastination add unnecessarily to my stress levels & can now recognise when this is happening. I am also able to manage the physical feelings of anxiety through breathing techniques and physically feel much better. After 12 sessions I feel much more like my old self & with the insight and tools I now have I’d like to think I can become a better version of my old self living with far less stress & anxiety & focusing more on the here and now. I am really pleased with how many of my ‘issues’ we have tackled in the last 12 weeks".

"Very welcoming"

"Helped me deal with what happened, reducing flashbacks & nightmares. Helped me drive again & start to do things I'd been avoiding. Very welcoming & helped me get back to my previous self".

"Safe environment, no judgements"

 "I have learnt a lot of techniques to deal with negative feelings & understand better why I feel the way I do. Safe environment where no judgments are made about the things that bother you most".


"Practical ways of dealing with problems"

 "Tools, frameworks, an ability to now identify my rules/how I think & how I can make them more flexible. This has given me practical ways of dealing with problems".


"Good quality therapy"

 "Provided me with tools to continually combat anxiety & it's symptoms and manage my safety behaviours on my own. Professional & trustworthy. Good quality therapy".


"A therapist who listened"

 "A safe & caring environment; a therapist who listened well & suggested appropriate & effective techniques to help me manage my worries now & in the future".


"Helped me move forwards"

 "I can’t even describe the massive difference you’ve made to me as a person and I can’t thank you enough. It has been life-changing.

Helped me move forwards & cope with life when I wasn't managing whilst being pragmatic & realistic, providing tools I can now use. Perfect balance between understanding & empathy whilst focusing on the future & how to move forwards".


"Understand myself more"

 "Very welcoming and tailored to the person. Helped me identify anxiety triggers. I feel overall like I understand myself more".


"More content with life"

 "I am more in control of my emotions & feel more content with life. I am less anxious & enjoy life a lot more. I feel stronger as a person".


"A way out of imprisoning thoughts"

Therapy made me feel that my thought processes weren't abnormal & it made me feel there was a way out of these continuous imprisoning thoughts - thank you!".


"Professional and friendly approach"

 "I received a professional & friendly approach. My issues were dealt with in a structured & clear way & I felt comfortable through the process. My anxiety levels are manageable and I feel I can cope better if they re-emerge".


"Felt very supported"

 "[My daughter] has benefited a great deal from therapy and now has coping mechanisms & is not suffering like she was. Therapy has been very effective and we have felt very supported".


"...really learnt a lot"

"I have really learnt a lot; the sessions have covered so much & the direction has been in a sense organic because of how engaged you have been [as a therapist]. This has been much appreciated, thank you".


"A better sense of self"

 "More able to deal with life, a better sense of self. I now have a better routine & a 'toolbox' of strategies to cope. I feel like I am good enough. A safe & welcoming environment".


"Now I know I can cope"

 "I have the tools to help myself in the future. I understand how my mind works & signs if I feel myself falling into a certain mindset. In the past I would panic, but now I know I can cope". 


"Very welcoming, calm & supportive space"

 "[I have learnt] not to judge myself or others too harshly or listen to the narrative I create for myself too closely. A very welcoming, calm & supportive space".


"Very warm, approachable and down to earth."

 " I went to see Beverley with issues relating to a lack of confidence/self esteem, over worrying & expecting a lot of myself in all areas of my life leading to anxiety & feelings of inadequacy & guilt. I have learnt to challenge previously held beliefs, accept things more & develop more positive beliefs about myself with her help & the use of a variety of techniques/approaches which all seemed to consolidate each other. Beverley is a professional with knowledge and experience in different techniques to help individuals. She is very warm, approachable & down to earth. I am really glad I chose Beverley to help me work through my difficulties. I have learnt a lot about myself and techniques to help me in the future. I felt supported throughout my therapy. It was helpful to receive follow up emails with links to resources & I would not hesitate to return if I needed help in the future". 


"I felt safe and secure"

 "Beverley has helped me get through a really tough and confusing part of my life. EMDR was really beneficial and talking through issues with somebody I felt safe and secure with. I had an excellent relationship with Beverley, something which I’ve struggled with in the past, and she made me feel comfortable and not judged. I’m very thankful for the time, patience and care that Beverley showed. I trusted Beverley and she had improved my confidence and well being tenfold. I’d definitely see her again in the future if I had any issues, I needed help with".

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